Sunday, June 21, 2009

When i'm not doing weddings....

Here's some of the other cakes that i've been getting orders on:

A book cake for twins - they both love to read, watch movies, and they play trumpet and trombone. This was fun to make. Movie reel is rice krispies & gumpaste, instruments are gumpaste.
Bunko cupcakes for a woman hosting bunko at her house. These little dice are just too cute.
A guitar cake and matching cupcakes for my niece's 6th birthday. She wanted a "Rockstar" themed party. Drumsticks and Microphone are gumpaste. Mom made matching cookies - see my cookie post below.
Bridal shower cupcakes and a Bachelorette cake for my good friend Amber. Her shower theme was "around the clock" - I just love the bachelorette cake!
Some easter cupcakes I took to my bible study... kinda plain...
A light Sabre cake I did for a family friend - this was SO MUCH FUN. The best part is, I saw pictures of him standing next to the cake with a big GRIN on his face - then two days later, I received a handwritten card from him thanking me for his cake - he is just so unbelieveably cute, it makes my job worth all the late nights and frustration!
An 8th grade graduation cake for my dad's co-worker - she was graduating from St. Pats school, which are the fighting irish. Irishman was hand-colored with icing writers on cut out fondant. Also made 12 coordinating cupcakes (clovers are royal icing)
A queen cake for my neighbor's mom
A loaf of bread for my MIL's co-worker, who was leaving Cabela's to start his own bread delivery route - this was a lot of fun and took some creative carving/frosting!
An R2D2 cake for a little boy - this was SUPER hard to get smooth with all the different pieces going on.
Some teacher appreciation cupcakes for a co-worker's daycare:
And lastly, my FAVE cake so far (next to the chef cake) - a Chevy Silverado cake. This is actually 1/8th the size of a real truck - As I cut, Joe was giving me all the specs. It's all cake; the wheels are rice krispies.