Monday, January 12, 2009

January Birthdays

What a busy few weeks i've had! Here's some neat things i've done so far.

First, a firetruck cake for a first birthday party for my friend's son. And hey, I don't hold it against you that you'd choose firetrucks against police ;)

Next, a Sesame Street cake I did for another first birthday, for the grandson of the owner of my salon (Classy Cuts Too in Basehor KS, they're pretty much the best!)

Next, a birthday cake for a Camp Rock/Demi Lovato enthused 10 year old. Demi is not edible; she was printed out and laminated. (My next big purchase is an edible ink printer.. so c'mon, get your cake orders in! :) )

Aaaaaannnnd..... drum roll please.....

This was done for the same mother of the Camp Rock cake. It was for her father's 70th birthday party. He was an executive chef, and she requested a chef and muppet theme cake. This was SO much fun to make... and took SO MUCH time! I had lots more plans for this, like adding in utensils and a place setting on the top, but I don't have 26 hours in a day! But, it was all worth it in the end. I even made the Sweedish Chef and Chicken Muppet toppers, per the client's request. (I did, however, forget to stripe his apron!) I think I did a pretty darn good job, too!

The next few weeks will be semi-slow; I've got a Star Wars cake in two weeks and i've got to ATTEMPT 14 gumpaste wrestlers for a high school auction. Cross your fingers!


Alright, alright... just getting caught up here! I hope everyone had a great December, and is looking forward to a great 2009... I know I sure am glad 2008 is done and gone. But, before I put '08 out of my mind, here's the cakes I did in December....

This was technically right before Thanksgiving, but close enough to December. This was an over the hill Nascar cake for Jeff, husband of Linda at Floralyn. She's an amazing local florist, if you have a wedding, shower, party, banquet, anything big, coming up... contact her for your fl owers! She rocks. Italian Cream cake with Cream cheese frosting.

Then, my mom baked 10 dozen cookies for the Wyandotte County UG fundraiser for the troops. They had BBQ catered for all the employees, and a bake sale to raise money. She sold ALL the cookies! Go mom!

Next is a Harley cake for my good friends' dad. I'm getting much better at the harley cakes! This was chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, chocolate buttercream frosting... chocolate overload! :)

Mom got in the Christmas spirit and had lots of orders for christmas cookies! The crab and palm trees were sent to my grandma in St.Croix... how cute are they?!

Then I did a cake for my boss. I found this cake on Debbie Does Cakes' flickr stream. Mine isn't as grand and glorious as hers, but hey not bad for a first try! I also had my first "incident" with this cake, right before delivery. See the top left corner... that's what happens when you get too close to the utensil caddy when trying to move a cake into a box! It' fell on the side of the cake and crushed the corner. I had to re-do the fondant strip last minute, so it didn't have time to harden like the others. Oh well, it still tasted good! :) 1/2 sheet choc/white choc mousse, xmas balls are white cake.

Then, I did some cupcakes for a co-worker's son's daycare - chocolate and white winter cupcakes!

That's it for December!